Reason to Believe

There are many different runs. The only difference that matters though is what the runner hopes to achieve. The Bursa Bull Charge empowers its participants by giving runners a reason to run for themselves and a reason to run for others.

This spirit of inclusiveness is reflected in the marketplace itself. Whether it is in raising funds for charitable causes, improving financial literacy or ensuring the sustainability of the marketplace, participation is what makes a whole more than the sum of its parts.

The marketplace runs for you. Who will you run for?

To sign up ...

  • I will need to tick 'Yes' in the 'Run For Others' box
  • I will upload a brief profile of my adorable self, which others too can check out in the profile page
  • I will tell, inform, psycho, or beg (if I have to), my friends and family to donate a minimum of RM30 towards my cause

I know, I know. There are other Rules & Regulations applicable too

  • Once registered, I am bound by the specific rules and regulations of the 'Run For Others' programme in addition to the rules applicable to the individual categories as stipulated above.
  • If I decide not to participate in the Bursa Bull Charge, the amount raised will be donated to the designated beneficiary that I have chosen and no refund will be made. I, myself, will face those who had supported me on my own.

For the donors supporting my cause...

  • They will need to read about the beneficiaries before pledging their hard-earned money
  • They may need to wait a while for the tax exempt receipts as charity organisations tend to be short-staffed
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