Why It Matters

We believe the capital markets are in a unique position to effect positive social change. 

Traditionally, the community has turned to the capital markets to raise funds for business purposes and to build wealth. However, over the last decade or so we have seen an unprecedented movement to redefine the purpose of capital markets and to harness its power to also solve the social and environmental challenges at scale. 

Bursa Bull Charge is a charity fund-raising event by Bursa Malaysia beyond our usual business collaborations and relationships. It aims to raise awareness and promote financial literacy and social entrepreneurship and at the same time aggregate support from the Malaysian capital market to help improve the lives of the underprivileged communities. It is also a chance for the capital market and its friends to come together and have a FANTASTIC time, all in the spirit of inclusiveness. 

Since its inception, Bursa Bull Charge has raised and disbursed over RM7 million, benefitting 120 deserving beneficiaries, and touching the lives of many people in the society. Women, men, girls, boys, indigenous communities, the physically/mentally challenged and many others were given a chance to lead a better life through education, guidance and financial aid.

This year, we aim to grow the impact of Bursa Bull Charge even further by raising more funds to help build stronger communities.

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