Why It Matters

The Capital Market is in a unique position to affect positve social change.  Traditionally the community turns to the capital markets to raise funds that can help realise those objectives beyond their reach.  Fund raising however is its most basic function.  Above and beyond that the market seeks to inculcate higher standards and better practices that constantly help to propel the economy forward by making the market more fair and efficient. 

Similiarly, the Bursa Bull Charge is not just an opportunity to raise funds for charity.  It is a chance for the capital market and its friends to come together and have a FANTASTIC time, all in the spirit of inclusiveness.  It is also an opportunity to raise awareness and promote Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, which are the two key footholds in the ascent to a more sustainable marketplace.

In terms of financial assistance The Bursa Bull Charge Beneficiaries are vital channels between the capital market and the vulnerable, marginalised, discriminated, under-privileged and under-represented groups, who need assistance to build, alleviate, and sustain their lives.

Support The Bursa Bull Charge 2017 and help build stronger communities.

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