• I hereby confirm that I have the authority to register the registering organisation (“Registrant”) for the Bursa Bull Charge (“the Run”) and make the representations herein on behalf of the Registrant and bind the Registrant to these terms and conditions.
  • The Registrant hereby confirms that all information provided during registration and in connection with the Registrant’s participation in the Run is true and accurate.
  • The Registrant agrees that there shall be no refund of any fees in the event that it or its runners decide not to or are unable for any reason, to participate in the Run.
  • The Registrant agrees that Bursa Malaysia Berhad has the right to cancel, terminate or discontinue with the Run or related events or change the dates, times, routes and distance for the Run or the amenities offered or vary, delete or add to any of the terms governing the Run. The Registrant understands that as the fees and donations are contributions to charities, in the event of cancellation or discontinuation of the Run, there will be no refund of fees or donations.
  • The Registrant further understands that the Bursa Bull Charge logo and word mark is a trademark owned by Bursa Malaysia Berhad in Malaysia and unauthorized use of the logo and name is strictly prohibited.
  • The Registrant is fully aware of the risks associated with participation in the Run. The Registrant understands that runners participate in the Run at their own risk.
  • The Registrant agrees that Bursa Malaysia Berhad and its Group of Companies and their directors, employees, partners, sponsors, service providers, contractors, agents, representatives and volunteers (herein after referred to as “Bursa Malaysia Group”) shall not be liable for any claim, liability, damage, loss, demand or cost howsoever arising out of or in connection with the Run including that arising from any loss of life or any injury (“Claims”). The Registrant agrees to waive and release Bursa Malaysia Group from Claims arising from its participantship in the Run. The Registrant further undertakes to indemnify Bursa Malaysia Group and keep them indemnified fully and effectively against all or any Claims.
  • The Registrant consents to the use of the its name, logo or words or information provided by the it, pursuant to the Run or registration thereof, or any visual or audio recording of its runners in any broadcast, telecast, advertising materials or social media or in any account of the Run.
  • The Registrant understands that its runners may provide Twitter Account details or Facebook Account details or any other social media account details which may be posted on the Website to allow the general public to communicate with them.  The Registrant understands and agrees that Bursa Malaysia Group shall not be liable in any way for the contents, communication or links posted via such accounts.
  • The Registrant accepts that that all decisions including decisions in relation to disputes, made by Bursa Malaysia Berhad shall be final and binding upon it.


  • The Registrant agrees to comply with all the requirements relating to the Run which are posted on the Bursa Bull Charge website (“Website”) and any other rules provided by Bursa Malaysia Berhad in relation to the same.
  • Completion of the online registration, confirms the Participant’s agreement to abide by all the relevant Rules and Regulations of the Organiser and the Bursa Bull Charge


  • The Registrant understands and agrees that access to and use of the Website is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use found on the Website.


  • The Registrant shall ensure that where it provides personal data to the Bursa Malaysia Group in connection with the Run, it has obtained the necessary consents from the data subject (as defined under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010) to enable the Bursa Malaysia Group to use such information for the purpose for which was provided/obtained, so as to ensure that it does not cause the Bursa Malaysia Group to breach the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 or any other applicable laws.
  • The Registrant understands that the above are the terms and conditions govern the Run and in the event that it is unable to agree or comply with the terms and conditions above, it shall not proceed to register and participate in the Run. The Registrant understands that non compliance with the aforementioned could result in disqualification from the Run.


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