Frequently Asked Questions

Bursa Bull Charge will start and finish at the Exchange Square, home of Bursa Malaysia. Aside to the flag-off, there will be other fun activities around the vicinity. 

While we will endeavor to start the first run, which is the CEO's Run by 2:00pm, can I please advise you to refer to the programme page of the Bursa Bull Charge website for the complete event itinerary. 

However, representatives of participating companies are advised to be at the Run venue from 1.30pm onwards

Please refer to the route page at the run infomration page of this website to view the route for all the running events. 

All current employees of a participating company or organisation are eligible to participate.

Qualifying Age

  • University Students : Participants must be 18 – 25 years old as of Event Day.
  • Young Executives    : Participants must be 21 – 30 years old as of Event Day.
  • Corporate Runners  : Participants must be 18 – 70 years old as of Event Day.

Please go to the Registration page of this website for details on the registration process.

Please click the ‘Signup Now’ button on the homepage and you would be able to register online.

Please refer to the Registration Fees page at the Registration section of this website for details on the contribution amount. As a general rule, the contribution amount calculated on a per runner basis will decrease in inverse proportion to the number of runners a company/organisation registers i.e. more runners = less contribution amount per runner.

The Bursa Bull Charge has a run for everyone -

  • 1.5 KM CEO’s Run – complimentary for companies and organisations that have registered at least one(1) running team
  • 5 KM Corporate Challenge & Future Leaders Challenge (Young Executive/University Student) – open to male and female runners. Team participant must have at least 1 female runner
  • 2.5KM Corporate & Future Leaders Relay (Young Executive/University Student) – a team event [each team of four(4) runners] with at least 1 female runner

Participating companies can choose to send teams to run either the Individual Run or the Corporate Relay or both.

However, companies that wish to register its runners to participate in both the Individual Run and the Corporate Relay will have to register at least 2 running teams of 4 persons each i.e. 8 runners.

CEOs may opt to run just the CEO's run and the 5km Individual Run if they want to. As long as at any point of time there can be only 4 persons in a team.

Participation in the CEO’s Run is open to the CEOs and C-Suites of all companies and organisations that have registered at least ONE running team consisting of 4 individuals. For example, if you send 2 teams, your CEO and another C-Suite will be eligible to run on a complimentary basis.

Please refer to the Prizes page at the Run inforamtion page of The Bursa Bull Charge website to view the prizes for all the running events. 

Individual runners nominated by participating companies or organisations can only be registered once their respective company/organisation has signed up for one of the charity packages and a PIN code has been assigned for each runner.

Please go to the How to Register of this website for further details on the registration process.

Yes, you may substitute another runner if the registered runner is unable to participate due to unforeseen circumstances, conditional to the following:-

- A minimum of 72 hour's notice is to be given to the organisers

-The substituting runner must complete and submit all the relevant documents required

- Subject always to availability, efforts will be made to provide the substiture runner with a t-shirt of thi/her choice of size.

The results of all the running events will be tabulated upon the conclusion of the events. Announcement of the verified results and winning medals will be given away to the winners by end of the race.

Run Packs for all participating runners may be collected from 3 working days prior to the Run. Collection may be done by a representatitive(s) of the participating companies that have submitted their companies'contribution amount as well as the relevant froms signed by the runners. 

Please refer to the Run Pack Collection page at the Run information page of this website. 

Companies are encouraged to wear their own running attire according to their corporate theme (if any). However, runners will also be provided with an event T-shirt should they choose to wear it.

The entire amount contributed by participating companies and organisations will be distributed to selected beneficiaries and charitable bodies that champion Bursa Malaysia’s sustainability focus areas of the marketplace and the community with emphasis on the promotion of financial literacy, entrepreneurship and sustainability programmes.

Please refer to the Beneficiaries page of this website for information and details of the selected beneficiaries.

The age limit for each category is as follows:

  • University Students: 18 - 25 years old
  • Young Executives: 21 - 30 years old
  • Corporate Runners: 18 - 70 years old

Please email our helpmail or call our helpline at +6011 3733 9473

Medical personnel as well as the medical emergency response team will be stationed at the event venue to provide medical assistance to runners, both along the Run route and at the event venue.

If you are injured en route during the Run, officials will ensure that the mobile medical team will attend to you. If you need any other medical attention or assistance, you may go to the medical tent at the event venue, as indicated on the event layout map.

Runners may use the changing rooms and shower facilities at the Multipurpose Hall lcated on the Lower Ground level of Exchange Square. Please refer to the event layout or the signages on event day. 

You will receive an email notification with instruction on the next steps.

Please refer to the How to register  on this website for more details on the registration process.

  • Minimum donation amount for a company/organisation is RM100.
  • Minimum donation amount for an individual is RM30.

By cheque

Cheques should be made payable to “Yayasan Bursa Malaysia” and sent to:

Yayasan Bursa Malaysia
Bursa Malaysia Berhad
Exchange Square, Bukit Kewangan
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Attention: Nurulazmir Yeop Mat Noor / Nurasyiqin Zulkepli

By online transfer

Payment by online transfer should be made to Yayasan Bursa Malaysia bank account below :

Maybank account number - 5140 1165 6134

Once payment by online transfer has been made, please send an email notification to together with the scanned payment receipt.

Youth may participate in the 5.0km Future Leaders (Young Executive/University Student) run and 2.5km Future Leaders (Young Executive/University Student) Relay.

Qualifying Age:- 

  • University Students : Participants must be 18 – 25 years old as of Event Day.
  • Young Executives    : Participants must be 21 – 30 years old as of Event Day.

Yes, tax exemption would be issued to the Corporates and Future Leaders (upon request) that contribute in the manner of participation or donation. 

Please send your requests for Tax Exemption to (Please include your confirmation slip for easy reference)

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